Mission & Vision (St. Mary's Park Baseball)

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St. Mary’s Park offers an organized sandlot softball league that is very unique to the game.  We strive to develop all ball players weak or strong.  Everyone will be given a chance to play all positions throughout the season.  This not only develops and teaches the rules and concepts of the game which will give them a deeper love of the sport; it also builds their self esteem.  If they miss the first time, with constructive criticism, we explain how to correct the play the next time around, (or the next….)  How gratifying to see that big smile or that dance when the play is made.

There are many competitive ball leagues around that offer a higher level of competition.  These leagues weed out the other players that do not have the ability or the desire to play at this level.  We have some rules that are different.  We are competitive to the point that we want the children to do their best and if they win that is great.  If they did their best and lose that’s OK too, maybe next time.  We stress fun and good sportsmanship.

We ask that as adults you support all children, coaches, and umpires.  If you have any concerns please direct them to the coach after the game (not out loud from the stands).  If you are not satisfied with the results, a St. Mary’s Park Committee member will be happy to discuss them with you. Committee members are posted in here on our website.  From May to August a game is played once a week.  Practices may be scheduled by coaches as diamond time permits.